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So…leftovers, eh?  I have the guajillo chili sauce and corn tortillas from here and a crisper full of vegetables taunting me.   Time for some improvisation. 

This turned out amazingly well.  It was savory and fresh, full of different textures and an entirely satisfying meal for one. 

1 cup guajillo chili sauce [found here]

1 cup vegetable stock 

1 radish, finely diced

1/4 avocado, diced

1/4 ripe tomato,  diced

a scallion, sliced

a few fingerfuls of shredded purple cabbage

a few cilantro leaves

crispy tortilla strips [tortillas cut into strips and quickly fried in a bit of canola oil]

lime wedge

vegan sour cream [I used a homemade version which I’ll include in a post shortly]


This is as easy as it gets.  Simply mix the guajillo sauce and vegetable stock together in a pan and heat.  When hot, ladel into a bowl and garnish with the remaining ingredients.  Mix the sour cream through the soup and squeeze the fresh lime juice over the entire enterprise.  Delicious!  This would also be wonderful chilled as a gazpacho-style soup.

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