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Brûléed Banana Pudding


Silken Banana Pudding

So incredibly simple and yet so delicious.  I had banana pudding on my mind, the kind with vanilla wafers.  I  improvised.


1 package extra  firm silken tofu

2 bananas [The riper the more banana flavor.]

1 tsp vanilla extract [You could use banana if you prefer and/or your bananas are not quite ripe enough.]

agave syrup,  to taste

Brûléed Banana


firm ripe bananas

organic sugar


Mix all ingredients in a food processor until well mixed and creamy.  Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

I broke out the kitchen torch to caramelize the sugar on fresh banana slices.  I’m sure you could achieve the same end by placing lightly-sugared banana slices under the broiler on a sheet pan.   I took it a step further and served it all over a vegan vanilla sugar cookie.

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