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A little while back, a friend gifted us with an astounding abundance of chanterelle mushrooms and requested a mushroom burger.  I already have a go-to mushroom burger recipe for when I want a substantial and satisfyingly savory burger, so the challenge was to create one that was entirely different and celebrated this more delicately flavored seasonal ‘shroom.

Multigrain Mushroom Burger

Makes ~8 burgers


2 lb chanterelle mushrooms , chopped

1 cup oat groats, soaked overnight

⅓ cup bulgur wheat

½ cup sliced almonds

⅔ cup millet

1 large leek, sliced thinly

6 cloves garlic, sliced

½ cup dried cherries

¼ cup tarragon

1 red bell pepper, medium dice

2 ½  cups mushroom broth, divided

2 T garbanzo bean flour

½ cup vital wheat gluten

Salt and pepper


Bring 2 cups mushroom broth to a simmer and add the bulgur wheat and millet.  Reduce heat and cover until the broth is absorbed fully and the grains are fluffy.

Sauté the mushrooms, leek, garlic and bell pepper in a drizzle of olive oil until softened.

Add the oat groats to a food processor and pulse a few times.   Add the cooked mushroom mixture, dried cherries, almonds and tarragon.  Process until the mixture is well combined and any larger pieces are broken down.  Season with salt and pepper.   Transfer to a large bowl.

Add the garbanzo bean flour and wheat gluten and work through until evenly dispersed.  Form into 8 burger patties.  Cook over medium heat for a few minutes per side.

I garnished this burger with pan-seared apple slices rather than using a faux mayo.


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